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Enjoy Your Backyard Without Fire Ants!

Fire ants are both annoying and dangerous. We offer fire ant treatments in Flower Mound to manage infestations and protect your family. When you rely on the expertise of our pest technicians, nothing will get in the way of your family's time together outside this summer!

Fire Ant Treatments in Flower Mound

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Fire Ant Treatments in Flower Mound, TX

Have fire ants invaded your yard? If so, we understand that you need a powerful, effective treatment to protect your home. With over 20 years of lawn care and pest experience, we’ve developed the best treatment for your needs. Our goal is to keep your property free of these infects permanently, so your life can return to normal for the long term.

Put an End to Painful Stings for Good

Fire ants run rampant in Texas. If you've dealt with them before, then you know they bite-- and it hurts! In fact, fire ant stings can last as long as ten days, which is particularly difficult for children and pets. In some cases, these stings cause extreme allergic reactions that can put your health in danger. So, what can you do to protect the people you care about? Be proactive! Our fire ant treatments in Flower Mound keep your home and yard safe so you can go outside without giving it a second thought.

Strong, Effective Solutions

Fire ants don't just sting-- they can also damage your yard. These destructive insects burrow into the lawn where they permanently disrupt the root system. Don't allow your plants to wither and die -- instead, count on Gecko Green to eliminate them with the most powerful products on the market.

Our fire ant treatments in Flower Mound include:

  • Extinguish: An insecticide application that acts as bait to attract and control fire ants in your yard. Our professional technicians will apply Extinguish twice a year for protection up to 6 months at a time.
  • Top Choice: Although it costs a little more, a single application of Top Choice provides fire ant control for up to 12 months. This granular blanket application controls existing mounds and provides a barrier against new mounds with minimum hassle.

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