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Enjoy Your Yard Without Fire Ant Bites!

You don't have to fall prey to these aggressive insects. Our fire ant treatment in Lewisville protects your property from these pests and prevents them from coming back--so you can spend time outdoors worry-free. It's time to show fire ants who's boss!

Fire Ant Treatments in Lewisville

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Fire Ant Treatments in Lewisville, TX

When it comes to fire ants, you need to be careful. Don't try to take care of an infestation on your own or you will risk painful stings that can last several weeks. The trained technicians at Gecko Green have the knowledge and experience necessary to eradicate fire ants from your yard permanently. We'll get to work fast, assessing the situation and developing an effective treatment plan before fire ants cause any more damage.

These are our fire ant control options to choose from:

  • Extinguish: A twice-yearly treatment that attracts and controls fire ants for up to 6 months.
  • Top Choice: A single, once-a-year application that controls existing mounds and stops new mounds from forming for up to 12 months.

Keep Loved Ones Safe from Stings

Fire ants favor areas with warm, sunny climates like Texas. They form large colonies that can contain as many as several hundred thousand ants. Fire ants attack by injecting venom through their stingers, so getting close to a nest is dangerous. The painful, swollen rash left behind can be so dangerous that it puts the victim's health at risk. Our fire ant treatments in Lewisville will take care of fire ant colonies so your children and pets can be outside year-round without the threat of getting bit.

Enjoy a Fire Ant-Free Yard All Year

Between their painful stings and the damage they can inflict on your lawn's root system, fire ants are bad news...period. Our fire ant treatments in Lewisville are designed to take care of the problem once and for all, so you don't have to give these hostile pests another thought. Let us handle your fire ants, so you can get back to enjoying your yard!

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