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Beautiful Trees & Shrubs In Every Season!

Our expert technicians will keep your plants thriving and healthy year-round...and you'll love the results! Why spend your time off doing unnecessary yard work when we have tree and shrub care in Fort Worth down to a science?

Tree & Shrub Care in Fort Worth

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Tree and Shrub Care Fort Worth

Gecko Green knows there's a reason Fort Worth is the oldest and longest-running Tree City USA in Texas-- the community appreciates nature's beauty! Yet, due to the weather fluctuations in Texas, caring for your trees and shrubs can be challenging. That's why our technicians focus on the individual needs of your landscape, targeting potential issues like disease and insect infestations at the source. Our tree and shrub care in Fort Worth includes:

  • Deep root fertilization
  • Disease and insect control
  • Regular monitoring so your landscape can flourish

Spend Less Time in the Yard

Do you love the way trees and shrubs add zest and character to your yard--but resent having to juggle a busy schedule to fertilize and treat them? Stop worrying! Our tree and shrub care in Fort Worth takes care of all of your tree and ornamental maintenance needs--so you can focus on other things. Whether that’s sleeping in on a Saturday, having family dinner and movie night on a weekday, or pursuing a new hobby -- spend less time in the yard and more time doing the things that matter!

A Gorgeous Landscape Can Be Yours

Plants need proper nurturing to remain vital. Our technicians provide comprehensive tree and shrub care with six strategically timed visits a year - recognizing and treating a variety of diseases, insect infestations and maintenance issues. What does this mean for you? A lawn and home that you can take pride in! It's the easiest and most effective way to protect your valuable landscape.

Ready for a yard that will get you noticed? Learn more about our Tree & Shrub Care Package in Fort Worth!

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