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Are You Tired of Lackluster Trees & Shrubs?

The beauty of trees and shrubs have the ability to turn your landscape into something special. Our tree and shrub care in Keller can take care of all of your tree and shrub woes and get your landscape looking gorgeous in no time.

Tree & Shrub Care in Keller

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Tree and Shrub Care Keller

Here at Gecko Green, we believe that every landscape is different, and our personalized services reflect that. Our tree and shrub care in Keller is completely customized to the unique needs of your home, so you can be sure that your trees and shrubs are getting the individualized attention that they need.

Keep Trees & Shrubs Healthy In Every Season

One of the reasons why properly caring for trees and shrubs is so complex is because the needs of the plants change with the seasons. The experts at Gecko Green know exactly how to care for your trees and shrubs regardless of the season, so your landscape will look healthy, vibrant, and gorgeous year-round. You can rely on us for great tree & shrub care services that include:

  • Root fertilization
  • Dormant oil application
  • Insect and disease control
  • And much more!

Long-term Vibrancy for Your Trees and Shrubs

Our year-round tree care in Keller doesn’t just keep your plants healthy in every season, it also gets your plants healthy enough to enjoy long-term vitality throughout the year. Say goodbye to dehydrated trees in the summer and droopy fall shrubs; with Gecko Green’s comprehensive year-round lawn care, your plants will be happy and healthy in every season!

Increase the Value of Your Home

Having beautiful, manicured grass can only go so far--adding beautiful trees and shrubs into your landscape and keeping them healthy adds a whole new dimension of healthy and vibrancy to your landscape. The best part? Manicured trees and shrubs can even add monetary value to your home!

Are you ready to enjoy all the beauty of trees and shrubs without the hassle of maintaining them? Learn more about our Tree and Shrub Care Package today!

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