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Our Yearly Tree and Shrub Care Program in North Texas


6 Strategically Timed Visits

We employ six strategically timed visits throughout the year designed to keep your trees and shrubs healthy in every season.

1. Winter: Dormant Oil Application
Our tree and shrub program takes full advantage of the colder winter months by spraying horticultural oil to control overwintering eggs while temperatures are at their lowest and the oil is most effective. This helps prevent harmful pests that can be especially difficult to treat during the spring and summer months.

2. Spring: Root Zone Fertilization
During the spring, our experts work hard to help your trees and shrubs stay healthy all season. For “spring greening”, we inject fertilizer directly into the root zone of ornamental trees and shrubs, which helps them to experience better resistance to insects and disease while also enjoying healthier, greener foliage and enhanced blooms. This method allows for 100% absorption into the root system and is much more effective than do-it-yourself methods such as fertilizer spikes or root feeders.

3. Late Spring: Insect Control and Disease Prevention
In the spring months your landscape begins to blossom, but unfortunately full bloom also brings out a plethora of insect pressure! To combat this, we’ll apply preventative insect and disease controls which will keep your ornamentals looking their best and free of pests.

4. Summer: Inspect and Protect
As the weather heats up so does the insect pressure in North Texas! We’ll continue to inspect and treat for any harmful insects, as well as suppress any fungal diseases found.

5. Fall: Insect Control and Planting Advice
During the fall our priority is to ensure your trees and shrubs stay looking their best! In order to do this, we’ll make sure they stay insect-free with preventative insect control and we’ll also treat disease issues as dictated by specific weather and horticultural conditions in North Texas. Fall is also the best time of year for new plantings, so we’ll be happy to consult with you on which plant materials will work best on your property!

6. Late Fall: Root Zone Fertilization
Prior to winter approaching, it is imperative that trees and shrubs receive adequate fertilization to provide essential nutrients that help them survive throughout the cooler season in Dallas. We inject liquid fertilizer directly into the root zone of ornamentals, which will help keep trees and shrubs hearty enough to survive the winter months and will allow for greener foliage and enhanced blooms the following season!

Need Something Else? We’re Here To Help

We also provide additional tree and shrub services in Dallas and the surrounding areas upon request. Often times, pests and bugs can infest your trees and shrubs without leaving a trace. Our tree and shrub specialists are happy to perform trunk injections for a host of different insects on affected Dallas landscapes to protect your ornamentals before it is too late.

Protect Your Valuable Investments

Our continual inspections will ensure that potential pests and risks are caught before any damage is done to your beautiful trees and shrubs. To protect your valuable Texas landscape, have our local specialists start treatment for your Dallas ornamentals today. Let us help keep your landscape looking its best by maintaining your beautiful trees and shrubs!